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Love is what happens while you are making other plans

Comforted-By-Love by John CharlesComforted By Love – The first book in the Fated Soulmates series is now free for a limited time – you just need to tell me where to send it

Damian had taken care of his wheelchair bound mother since he was twelve years old, when his father walked out, leaving mother and son to fend for themselves.  Life dealt them blow after blow, but his mother repeatedly told him “something good will come from this.

Eight years later, he was juggling community college classes, a part-time job he was sometimes ashamed of, volunteer work at a community center, and caring for his mother. Biking to classes in a downpour, Damian was soaked to the bone. As he locked his bike to the rack, those words rang through his head once again.  Damian wondered “what good will come from this?

When Frank saw Damian volunteering at the community center, run by his sister, his first thought was “He is Beautiful”  “Beth said I make people my conquest, and maybe she was right, but Damian was different.  He was neither prey nor a notch in my bedpost.” He wanted Damian, couldn’t get him out of his mind, and didn’t know how to get him.  With his sister’s help, Frank and Damian met, but it was not lust or sex that brought them together.

When a corrupt attorney and greedy developer attempt to push Damian and his mother to the brink, Frank knows he needs to help, but how?  Can he help mother and son, develop a relationship with Damian, and not drive a wedge between them?

Send My Free BookExcerpt: I hadn’t seen Damian since last Friday when we met for coffee and I drove him to college.  The image of him bending over to lock his bike to the rack never left my head.  The vision of his lips sucking my dripping cock and my dick in his hot ass played important parts in my fantasy sessions all weekend.

Now I had the day off and wanted more than my right hand.  I texted him, hoping we could meet, hoping I could seduce him.  Hey hotshot, I have the day off, can you find time for lunch or dinner?

About five minutes later my phone chirped an incoming text.  Should finish around 11.  Can you pick me up?

Hell yes I can pick you up.  Sure, my driver is back so look for a silver Ford Fusion.  See you at 11:30 – Good?  Same spot as last time?

Yeah, works for me, but don’t be surprised if I’m a bit later than that, these tests can be sticklers.

I’ll be there, don’t worry if you need more time.  I have all day!

Okay so what do I do this morning?  My apartment was clean, it was 7:30, I was wide awake, and hungry.  A shower sounded good.  Then I’ll go downstairs and raid the walk-in.  Hopefully, Henry won’t mind too much.  Living two floors above my own restaurant had benefits.  I rarely if ever had to stock the fridge in my apartment.  The negative to that scenario was if I didn’t watch myself, I’d become the doughboy and nobody wants the doughboy fucking them.  So I made sure to watch my portions – at least most of the time.

Eggs, thick sliced ham, and multigrain toast sat on my plate waiting for my fork and knife.  Henry didn’t fuss – much, when he saw me using his prized frying pan.  I washed it when I was finished and put it back where he likes it.  A hot breakfast, steamy mug of fresh coffee, and the hustle of the place I love were perfect ingredients for a great morning.

A casual meal and making sure the staff had things under control, I went back upstairs.  It was too early to drive to Amity so I brushed my teeth and picked up my long neglected murder mystery.  I had to reread a few pages to get my bearings, then closed out the world and immersed myself in the plot.  The sound of my phone alarm caused me to jump.  I had been reading for over two hours and nearly finished the book.

After freshening up, assessing myself in the mirror, and feeling good with what I saw, I stood in front of my closet wondering what I should wear.  My clubbing clothes didn’t cut it.  My restaurant manager clothes were way too formal.  I had to look casual yet so sexy that my boy Damian would have no chance.  Yeah, some people call me a predator.  Beth said I make people my conquest, and maybe she was right, but Damian was different.  He was neither prey nor a notch in my bedpost.  Damian was someone who I wanted to have more than once.  It felt strange to be thinking this way, but I really was.

I pulled several pairs of jeans out and putting them right back, finally settling on black – all black.  I always looked particularly sexy in black jeans, black button down shirt, and black boots.  Black on black it was then.  I did a casual sweep of the place and left.  The drive to Amity was peaceful at this time of morning.  Rush hour was over and most of the SUV moms already had their kids in daycare and were off shopping or whatever they do on Monday mornings.

Parked near the bike rack, I opened my book and started reading.  The plot was so interesting I wanted to finish it.  I had no idea who the murderer was, nor the real motive.  What I did know, was the victim was hiding something that brought the bullet to his head.  I wanted to know what that was.  Soft music played in the background, I reclined the driver’s seat, and allowed myself to be drawn back into the plot.

At 11:45 Damian knocked on the passenger window.  His million-dollar smile took my breath away.  I clicked the button to unlock the door.  “Hope you weren’t waiting too long?” he said as he slipped into the passenger seat.  “The exam was not as bad as I anticipated, but it did take me a bit longer to complete.”  He plopped his duffle onto the back seat, looked at me and continued, “I feel for the others.  I really enjoy calculus and abstract structure.  Most of my peers don’t.  I was the first one finished.”

I was so drawn to him that I put my hand on his neck, pulled him closer and touched my lips to his while he was still talking.  At first, I felt him stiffen, but I continued my gentle caress of his lips.  His body relaxed a bit.  After what felt like an eternity, he got on board, put his hands on my face and kissed me back.  Once he determined he wanted what I was offering, he was like a drug crazed addict.  He couldn’t get enough.

I pulled back a little to allow us to catch our breath and saw his dilated eyes staring back at me.  He was panting as if he had just run several blocks and his face was flushed.  He wanted me as badly as I wanted him, but not in my car and not in the college parking lot.  I ran my thumb along his lips and was surprised when he sucked it into his mouth.  His tongue circled the tip as if he were trying to bring it to climax.  I gasped and pulled back.  “Let’s have some lunch and if you are still in the mood, we can go back to my place.”  He nodded but didn’t move back to his seat.

I reached across his body for the belt and clicked it in place for him, then did my own.  I drove to Monroe’s famous burger joint, a place that I frequented.  No, I don’t always eat at Sully’s.  We don’t serve burgers and today I wanted one.  It was always hopping with young and more mature clients alike.  The food was delicious and fairly priced so I felt good taking Damian there.

We both had the blue cheese stuffed burger with homemade crinkle fries and iced tea.  It seemed our food choices were in sync as much as our physical desires.  What I enjoyed about Damian was his shy exterior persona.  Once you got to know him, he opened up and showed his wit and intelligence without being stuck up.  “You ready?”  I asked a few minutes after we both had devoured our last fry.  Knowing what I had in mind, he nodded, his shyness returning.

My apartment was only a few blocks but the silence in the car was palpable.  “We don’t have to if you feel uncomfortable,” I said as I approached my parking garage.

He studied the road ahead for a minute then turned to look at me.  “I want to.  Just be gentle with me, I’ve not had much experience.”

My heart throbbed at his admission.  Reaching over the console, I took his hand in mine and rubbed my thumb along the soft tissue between his thumb and pointer finger.  “We can do whatever you feel comfortable with.  There is no rush.”  I continued to hold his hand as I pulled into the garage.

Once parked, I turned to look at him.  Damian was nervous and it showed so I pulled him into an embrace and gently whispered into his ear.  “I like you Damian and want this to be more than sex.  Just let go and enjoy yourself, okay?”  He had placed both hands around my back and held me tighter saying nothing.  When I felt him relax, I got out of the car, went around to his side and opened the door.  He smiled at me, took my offered hand and allowed me to guide him.  My floor had three apartments.  Mine was in the middle.

We entered and I closed the door.  Damian seemed to do an about face.  He turned me around, pulled me into his arms, and planted a hot kiss on my lips.  His tongue requested entry and made the rounds in my mouth.  When he seemed satisfied, he pulled back and whispered, “When I first saw you at the center, I pictured you devouring me.  I felt as if I were your prey.  I may be shy and I don’t have much experience, but I’m not submissive.”  He then planted another hot kiss on me wrapping me in his strong arms.

I laughed at his comments.  He might not have much experience, but he couldn’t prove that by the way he kissed.  He says he is not submissive, but I doubted that too.  He was trying to take control.  He was trying to convince me that he could, but I wondered if he was trying to convince himself more than me.

I allowed him to swallow me as my hands caressed his back.  Moving down, I grabbed a bunch of shirt, tugged it out of his pants, and ran my hands on his smooth skin.  He shuddered.  My hands moved farther south and entered his tight jeans.  Finally, I held his ass, the ass I saw when he bent over to lock his bike, the ass I envisioned so many times drawing in my hard, dripping cock, the ass I wanted more than anything right now.

He pulled back when I ran my fingers along his crease, whimpered, and whispered something I would never have imagined.  “I’m a virgin.”  My fingers stopped moving.

“Then we need to make this even more meaningful for you.  Let’s take this slow.  Let me show you what it feels like to be special.  Let me guide you to bliss.”  Yeah it did sound a bit corny, but damn this man in my arms was more than a conquest.

Damian looked relieved and scared at the same time.  I pulled my hands from his ass, slowly unbuttoned his shirt revealing his slender solid chest, and began to make love to his nipples.  My tongue found him delightfully tasty.  He reacted as if he had been in a desert without water.  His head fell back, his moans were strong, his body shook as if being electrocuted, and his pupils were more dilated than before.

I continued to undress him, continued to touch, lick, and suck every inch of newly revealed skin until he stood before me naked, hard, dripping, and in lust for more.  Seeing the desire in his eyes, I quickly undressed myself and pulled him into my arms.  His flesh against mine felt as if I were touching a hotplate to my body.  He put his hands on my chest rubbing my hard pecs, flicking my now hard nipples, moaning as he did.  He was getting off worshiping my body.  It had happened before with other guys.  I worked out from a young age.  My body was more than toned, it was solid muscle, a six-pack that made many men weep with envy and desire, arms that could crush a guy, or give him the most amazing pleasure.  He ran his hands down my back to find my ass was hard, solid muscle.  Gripping both cheeks tightly, he moved to my lips.  “Will you let me have this if I let you have mine?”

“I rarely let anyone get that opportunity,” I said as he continued to squeeze.  “Let’s see what happens.”  Damian smiled, moved closer and nibbled my lower lip.  He was doing a great job trying to take control, but I wanted more, much more. End Excerpt

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