The Aaron Jaycynth Mystery Series

One Breath Brings Death - An Aaron Jaycynth Mystery By: John Charles

In One Breath Brings Death, the second Aaron Jaycynth Mystery, Aaron is thrust into the underworld of murder, arson, and fraud.

Someone is systematically targeting the directors of Remedcon Pharmaceuticals. Gillert Taylor’s car explodes, Ian Fachan’s house bursts into flames, a deadly smoke bomb floods the Remedcon lobby in thick black clouds.

Notes left at each crime scene advise Taylor to tell the truth or more people will get hurt.

While investigating the Remedcon arsons, Aaron finds himself at a crossroad in his personal life, when a former colleague wants to become his submissive. Aaron is dragged into the dark side of the BDSM world of torture, pain and domination as they investigate the fantasy world his sub desires.

This thrill-ride takes Aaron deep into the world of corporate conspiracy and abuse while his private life plunges to depths he had only heard about.

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Scorned and Abandoned an International mystery thriller by John CharlesScorned and Abandoned is an Erotic Action Adventure, Crime Mystery with a Surprising Twist.

Ethan Tameron, the son of a world renowned inventor, had it all, until a deranged kidnapper decided to sell Ethan as a sex slave.

He had graduated high school at the top of his class, was a star soccer player, had just moved to London to join his parents after his father’s transfer and was accepted to a prestigious university in England.

Now all that would be abandoned if the kidnapper has his way!

In lieu of a ransom note, an email with a video showed Ethan naked, held in chains, and being trained to service his new master. His captor made it clear that Ethan would be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Aaron Jaycynth, an IT specialist for Andrews security, found himself tasked with finding Ethan’s captor. His only lead – the email sent to Ethan’s father. Desperate for help, Aaron is teamed up with Declan Kinersley, from MI5. They need answers!

Why was Ethan’s kidnapper so determined to sell him as a sex slave? Was he working alone or was this part of a bigger kidnapping ring – one that had eluded MI5 for years?

Aaron, a shy young man, finds himself pulled into the underbelly of the leather, BDSM playground as he tries to find Ethan before the ticking clock runs down.

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