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The Tekashi Effect
Author: John Charles

Could an enchanted green stone on a gold chain help Adrien find his true love?

Adrien a successful graphic artist wanted a relationship so badly that he despised everyone who had one.  He said, “It’s not fair,” so often his friends couldn’t stand it anymore.

Wade had just come out of an extremely bad relationship, so bad he needed help from the police and a court order to keep his former lover at bay.  He had no desire to jump back into the dating game, he just wanted to build his thrift store and help others less fortunate.

When Genny, Adrien’s best friend had enough of his complaints, she intimidated him into a session with Paul Tekashi, a holistic healer.  He advertised his Tekashi Effect could solve anyone’s troubles.  “Wear this stone on a gold chain and sit with me for three one-hour sessions.  It’s guaranteed.”

Could The Tekashi Effect help Adrien find his true love?  Would Wade realize that he does want a relationship?  Would these two loving men find each other?  And what would happen if they did?


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The Tekashi Effect