11 Seconds: A Gay Romance Mystery Thriller
Author: John Charles
Series: By The Numbers – An Asher Radman Mystery Book 2
Genre: Mystery / Detective / Romance

How far would you go to prove your innocence?

Marc Lynnworth had to get away from his domineering, arrogant father. When he came out, Marc’s father made it very clear; his “chosen” lifestyle simply wasn’t permitted. As for his love for the hacking world, well that made living in the Lynnworth home all but impossible. His life was doomed.

In a world dominated by greed and political loyalties, the line between right and wrong is often completely blurred.

Kylar Syverson had what most would say is an ideal life. His parents embraced everything about him. His swimming talents gave him a full scholarship to GA Tech allowing him to pursue his passion – Microbiology. Kylar had numerous flings but never found anyone who made his heart sing until he met Marc. They became inseparable.

Mystery, gay romance, and intrigue in a suspense filled thriller.

When a hacker infiltrated ESTG, Marc’s father’s company and stole military secrets, Bertram Lynnworth accused Marc. No amount of pleading would convince Bertram that his son was innocent. Life for Marc and Kylar became a nightmare.

Hackers can steal your identity, control your car, access your secret files. What if one had a grip on your beating heart? What if it only took 11 seconds?

Marc trying to prove his innocence, dug into the hacking. What he found surprised even the most seasoned agents in the FBI. When Asher Radman was assigned to the case, Marc got more daring and tried to flush out the hacker.

Unequipped to handle the evils lurking in the shadows of the Dark Web, Marc became the innocent prey and Kylar was left wondering if he’d ever see Marc alive again.

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