When asked why he writes under a pseudonym, he explains it this way, “My birth name was John Charles, but shortly after I was brought home, my parents changed it to Larry.  I never got the real reason and I still have that original birth certificate.”  When he decided to write and publish, he chose to use his birth name – John Charles.

As a youngster, he had trouble reading.  While in college, he learned that he had a form of dyslexia.  When he was taught how to overcome the issues it caused, a new world opened for him.  He now reads constantly.

John loves to read M/M mystery romance as well as action / adventure novels.  He can be found with his Kindle or iPad in his hands most of the time.

He spent years in the technology industry and found himself immersed in writing marketing brochures, and technical and operations manuals.  Writing fiction was not his lifelong dream, but emerged after his youngest went off to college.  The writing bug stuck and now he writes every day.

Being single and living at the beach in southern Delaware has its benefits, too.  You can find him frequently walking along the water’s edge before the rest of the tourists and vacationers have awakened.  He says that the secluded beach time is most precious.

The plots in his novels come from real life situations.  “I have always believed that real life is more interesting than anything a person could make up.  I listen, keep my eyes open, and let the world give me the ideas that make my stories believable and interesting.”

“I find myself enjoying writing more than anything I’ve ever done in my life.”

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