A Cold Summer Sky
Author: John Charles
Series: By The Numbers
Genre: Mystery / Detective

Sawyer Wahlstrom, CEO of Fidelity Independent Research Group (FIRG) rarely opened email from someone he didn’t know.  This one was different.

The subject line read Stop the NuHygen project or the next one will die.  The attached video showed a car being sideswiped, run off the road, and crashing into a line of parked cars at the school bus stop.  Children were screaming and it was apparent the driver of the sideswiped car was badly injured.

Asher Radman, special Investigations Unit of The FBI was tasked with finding answers, but he immediately hit a brick wall.  Everyone in the rural town of Thompsonville was hiding something.  What is NuHygen and why would someone go to extremes to stop its development.

Simple questions, or so he thought, until his search for answers puts his own life in jeopardy.

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