Blackmail: Boardroom To Bedroom
Author: John Charles
Series: Extortion, Lust Love Book 1
Genre: Mystery / Romance

When Karl makes a blatant pass at Damien, at a trade show, in Las Vegas, Damien’s defenses go into overdrive. It’s not that he isn’t interested – he is! Karl was hot and sexy, with a killer smile. Moreover he could carry an intelligent conversation. Karl was everything Damien wanted in a partner. But there is more to this clandestine rendezvous than meets the eye – a lot more!

Damien made a promise to himself, years ago, never to let another hot, sexy guy get to him. That resolution is put to the test when he and his co-workers decide to party on the last night of the trade show. Can Damien stay the course or will he succumb to the pressures of the Vegas night?

All Karl ever wanted was a chance to develop his skills and become a valued member of the team. He worked hard and felt he had much to offer. But one person, who sees those skills in a different light, is determined to use Karl for his own enrichment.

Bennett loves life far more than most can appreciate. When he sees something he wants, he finds a way to get it. As seemingly insurmountable obstacles stand in the way of his goal, he is forced to reconsider the path he takes.

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