Comforted By Love
Author: John Charles
Series: Fated Soulmates Book 1
Genre: Gay Romance
Love is what happens while you are making other plans

Damian had taken care of his wheelchair bound mother since he was twelve years old, when his father walked out, leaving mother and son to fend for themselves.  Life dealt them blow after blow, but his mother repeatedly told him “something good will come from this.

Eight years later, he was juggling community college classes, a part-time job he was sometimes ashamed of, volunteer work at a community center, and caring for his mother. Biking to classes in a downpour, Damian was soaked to the bone. As he locked his bike to the rack, those words rang through his head once again.  Damian wondered “what good will come from this?

When Frank saw Damian volunteering at the community center, run by his sister, his first thought was “He is Beautiful”  “Beth said I make people my conquest, and maybe she was right, but Damian was different.  He was neither prey nor a notch in my bedpost.” He wanted Damian, couldn’t get him out of his mind, and didn’t know how to get him.  With his sister’s help, Frank and Damian met, but it was not lust or sex that brought them together.

When a corrupt attorney and greedy developer attempt to push Damian and his mother to the brink, Frank knows he needs to help, but how?  Can he help mother and son, develop a relationship with Damian, and not drive a wedge between them?

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