In Death He Lives
Author: John Charles
Genre: Paranormal Gay Romance

The love of Reade’s life, Alex, lay in a coma showing no signs of awakening. And Reade put him there.

Alex loved life. His smile was contagious. He was gay, out and proud, never hiding his sexuality. Reade was not. Living under the thumb of his tyrant father Harrold, Reade could never be gay – “Harrold would not permit his son to be a fag.”

His unwillingness to stand up to Harrold and claim his life was the topic of repeated arguments between Reade and Alex- including that night in the car. Losing control of his temper and the car caused Reade to drive off the road and down an embankment. The near fatal crash put Reade in the hospital with severe injuries and put Alex into a coma.

They say people in a coma have vivid dreams. In Alex’s coma-induced dream he has awakened in an alternate reality, found his loving partner, and is living his ideal life.

Weeks in the hospital has given Reade time to think. Does he stand up to Harrold, knowing he will lose his sizable inheritance and his job in Harrold’s company? Or does he walk away from the man he loves?

They say people in a coma can hear you talking to them. Can Alex hear Reade telling him about the fight he had with his father? Will Alex understand that the man he loves has given up everything to be by his side?

Will Alex want to leave his wonderful dream to return to Reade?

“This is a love story, poignant and tender, told with sensitivity by an author who cares deeply about his characters and their plight. In Death He Lives is a romance unlike any other, sweeping the reader between two worlds — the real and the imagined.”

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