Zero Warning
Author: John Charles
Series: By The Numbers – An Asher Radman Mystery Book 1
Genre: Mystery / Detective / Romance

How far would you go to protect the one you love?

Scott Wittier doesn’t do relationships. He has spent the last eight years of his life looking over his shoulder wondering when the bullet meant for his head would reach its target. As a former FBI undercover agent, his testimony put the head of the notorious crime syndicate The Proveedores and twelve of its inner circle behind bars for multiple life sentences. Knowing his days were numbered, he never let his heart become attached.

Relocated to a new city with a new name and new face, he still didn’t feel safe. He never allowed anyone near his heart. Anyone who got close was in danger and the last thing Scott wanted was to be responsible for the life – or death of his lover.

Isaac Konners spent most of his off work time in the library doing research for his PhD dissertation. He never had time for a relationship. His life’s work was more important than love so he never put himself out there. Isaac never expected anyone to want a nerd who spent all his time with his nose in a book.

When Scott, a university professor, needed a place to grade papers while his office was being painted, he found the only open seat in the library – opposite Isaac Konners.

Their attraction was immediate.

Could Scott allow Isaac near his heart knowing a bullet had his name on it? Could he protect Isaac if one of The Proveedores henchmen found him?

One man wants revenge …
One man wants to live in peace
Only one will succeed …

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